Thursday, 9 July 2015

for the love of semperit

the semperit raya sale.

with raya nearing, chikabaker is having the semperit raya sale! these cute little dainty semperit are selling at only rm15 per container (85pcs).

i looveee semperit. and i really think that raya would not be perfect without some. hence this raya, after years and years of trying to perfect my semperit, i am finally having a semperit sale :)

there are quite a variety of types of semperit. mine is the soft-crunchy type i would say.

so if you are a huge fan of those, come on and place your order now!

to order, please whatsapp me at (016-7734858)

self pick-up only (kuala lumpur areas).

closing date to order is tomorrow! 

baker at heart,


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hello World!

Chikabaker's InstaCakehouse?

Introducing, Chikabaker's newly launched InstaCakehouse! Do come visit and follow me on instagram, and don't hesitate to place an order :)

Also, please be super nice and spread the word!!

Thank you peeps!

baker at heart,


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

corn and caramel

and just a teeny bit of chocolate to top it off :)

last saturday i had the pleasure of completing one sweet mission.

one of our close friends was planning a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. he let me decide what kind of cake it would be by giving some hints to what miss S (i dunno why i use S, you know who you are!) likes most. apparently, she happens to be a corn person.

so naturally, corn cake would fit the bill just nice. one problem though, corn cake?? what?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

flourless chocolate cake


after a long pause, i finally got into the mood and actually had the time to bake. it's been a really long while since i last baked or made any desserts, and i am all rusty now. so with the raya season still on, we had a few friends come over to our small raya open house. i thought it would be lovely if i baked a cake for them.

in all my excitement, i forgot to check all the ingredients available in my stash at home so when i was all ready to bake (with all my baking stuffs already out from their hiding nooks), to my utmost horror i found that the flour i had had in my stash had gone bad.

and yes, i was really disappointed at the time. it was too late to go out shopping for flour.

but then i remembered something. flourless cakes. flourless chocolate cakes.

so i googled for recipes, and came across this awesome one.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

the curious case of the melting fondants

of cupcakes and flowers

this is a very long overdue post. since i was so busy with work, baking came to a halt and the same went for blogging too. but now that maternity leave has started (yeays!), i can get back to baking and blogging soon!

well, i'm not sure what it will be like when baby finally arrives though. heheh. first timer me. i'm guessing there won't be much baking/blogging time either.

anyways, i just wanted to share with you guys about this curious case of the melting rolled fondants. i'm not so sure why, but the rolled fondant i used for these cupcakes somehow melted (!!) on top of the icing. after googling for troubleshooting QnA's, i came to a few conclusions:

  • can't have rolled fondants on cream cheese
  • the rolled fondant i used was of low quality?

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