Wednesday, 4 June 2014

the curious case of the melting fondants

of cupcakes and flowers

this is a very long overdue post. since i was so busy with work, baking came to a halt and the same went for blogging too. but now that maternity leave has started (yeays!), i can get back to baking and blogging soon!

well, i'm not sure what it will be like when baby finally arrives though. heheh. first timer me. i'm guessing there won't be much baking/blogging time either.

anyways, i just wanted to share with you guys about this curious case of the melting rolled fondants. i'm not so sure why, but the rolled fondant i used for these cupcakes somehow melted (!!) on top of the icing. after googling for troubleshooting QnA's, i came to a few conclusions:

  • can't have rolled fondants on cream cheese
  • the rolled fondant i used was of low quality?

Sunday, 8 September 2013

orange pomelo cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

feels good to give :)

i made some cupcakes for a charity event yesterday at Kirtash charity home in Bukit Beruntung. Kirtash is a non-profit charity home for orphans, disabled children, and some old folks as well. the event was hosted by the Affin Management Programme trainees. 

at first i had chocolate in mind, as undoubtedly everyone loves chocolate. it's almost like a universal flavor. but then, orange suddenly popped into my mind. 

so i googled for recipes, and found this

and i immediately thought that this was a great recipe, and would be very lovely if paired with cream cheese. 

i was right :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

just peachy

frozen cheesecake with peach crumble base topped with mango pudding

i made this dessert a few weeks back, but didn't have the time nor the energy to post a new update up on the blog. working life is really hectic this year, no la dolce vita for me this year.

i planned to whip up some chilled desserts for our small house party, well actually it was more of a football night really. it was for the first match of piala something... (please excuse my ignorance) and it definitely was TRW's match that night. so we had some friends over, and had a small Raya/Bola feast. 

i had 'healthy' in my mind when i was thinking of the dessert, and OAT somehow came into the picture. so i googled for recipes, aaandd this came up. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

cream puff

my first

last week i decided to finally make some cream puffs. i've always wanted to make these cute little puffs of creamy custardy goodness, but never got around to it. 

i used this awesome recipe i found on the internet. as always, the recipe is super simple, super easy, and yes, foolproof. i absolutely LOVE foolproof recipes. heheh. 

and i could say, watching the little puffs rise in the oven made me really really happy. it's true when they say baking is a therapy. stress reliever yes!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Keep calm and love pharmacy

Last friday, my pharmacy had a farewell party. Yes, I've started working now... and i'm missing my uni days so friggin much :'( anyhow, i love my workplace now. i just don't love the work. hahah.

Okay so the party was to celebrate one guy who's transferring to another hospital, and a few students who will be finishing their practical here soon. Sobss. Will definitely miss having these tanggichis around :'( andd yes, also to celebrate them June babies.

I made a batch of cheese cupcakes for the party. I used nisak's cheesecake recipe and made a few improvisations to it, if you would call it that. Haha. I just loaded the cupcake cups with heaps of chocolate chips. Well, that sure is one good improvisation heheh.

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