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a short, delayed entry on donateya.

donateya? why donatEYA? haha. it's because i've got the wonderful recipe from my friend teya. she makes the most wonderful donats i'd say. hers are so fluffy, so soft, and crispy on the outside. i'm so jealous! hahaha. yet, ever so happy to finish up all her donats everytime she made some. now that she's back to malaysia for good, i knew i'll still be needing those fluffy yummy donats to fulfill my donat cravings... so i asked her to show me how to make them. hehee.

*disclaimer: she said she's gotten the recipe form the internet. but i'm not sure from where exactly. 

and last week, i finally tried making a batch on my own.

i knoww. some of them were a bit burnt. haha. my baad. but i think they tasted really nice, but still not as fluffy as teya's! i think it probably was because i just chucked most of the ingredients in, not being really careful with the measurements... 

here's some step by step photos of the donat making process.

first, i mixed a sachet (11g) of dry yeast with warm water and sugar, and leave it for a couple of minutes, until bubbles are formed in the surface of the water. in the meantime, i mixed all the other ingredients in a large bowl. then, when yeast was ready, i poured it into the bowl, right into the middle of the mixture, and knead to form a dough. add a bit of plain flour if you find the dough too sticky. the dough should be just nice; not too sticky, not too dry. then leave it covered for about 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the weather really. the hotter the better i reckon), until it expands to about double the original size.

then, deflate the dough, and knead it a bit. pinch little balls from the dough. knead with your finger to form little balls. pull edges of the balls outwards, and fold into the centre. poke a little hole at the centre, right where all the folded edges meet. using both hands, enlarge the hole by rolling two fingers inside the hole... kinda like a cycling motion... eerrrghh. aaaa... it's hard to describe it here... orrrr you can just use your own creativity to make little donats!! haha. you can use donat moulds... i think they've got these moulds for donat. or you can use anything round to trace the dough into donat shapes! aaaanyyyways, after you've done making them donats, leave them for a bit (around 30 minutes or so) to rise again, before deep frying them!

then, roll them in sugar while still hot so that the sugar will actually stick onto the donats. another easy way of doing this is by filling a container with sugar, putting hot donats into the container, and just shake shake shake! 

that's how the donat looked on the inside. heeheeehee. me loves! really easy to make, and really yummy snacks for tea! ...or really yummy snacks for just about any time really haha :) 

donateya (recipe from teya, adapted from internet)
  • yeast 11g + sugar 2tbsp (or more) + 3/4 cup warm water
  • 3 - 3 1/2 cups plain flour
  • 1 egg
  • 100 g butter (1 senduk)
  • 2 tbsp condensed milk
how to
  • prepare yeast, and leave for a few minutes until it bubbles up. if you are a sweet tooth (like me), feel free to add more sugar. 5-6 tbsp would be nice. haha. but not advisable... really. not good for your health. trust me.
  • mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
  • pour yeast into mixture, knead into dough. add a little bit of plain flour if necessary. knead into a large ball, and leave covered for about 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the weather. hotter, better) until it rises to about double its size.
  • deflate the dough, pinch into little balls, and make donats. *detailed instruction above.
  • leave for about 30 minutes, for it to puff up.
  • deep fry with medium heat, till it's golden... not dark brown.
  • while still hot, roll donats in sugar.
  • eat while still warm... or store for later :)

hehehe. there you have it. donateya!

mmm mmmmmmm yummmeeeeyyyhhhhhhhhh!!

baker at heart,

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