Saturday, 11 February 2012

the pisang-nutella theorem

a disasterrific experiment.

heheh. the post title sure does sound like the title of a TBBT episode no? haha. well, last weekend i decided to try the awesome idea (which, i found on 9gag btw) of making an ice-cream out of simply blending nutella with bananas together. and i also decided to make the idea even more awesome-er by filling the supposedly awesome nutella-banana ice cream into chocolate cups... the chocolate cup bit, was inspired by the awesome bakerella

BUT. to make long story short, the experiment kinda... failed. my experiment. i'm not saying that the idea was a bad one to begin with. maybe i've just got the ratio wrong. after all... to be frank, i'm not much of a banana person. haha. goreng pisang, cekodok, i love. definitely. but pisang on its own... no. i don't think so. and pisang WITH CHOCOLATE... naah. but i was just curious. i thought that a miracle would happen and i would fall head over heels for this newly found delight.

but nooo. maybe i used too much banana perhaps... the banana taste was too overpowering. it hid away all the chocolatey, nutty goodness of dear nutella. sobs... i was so disappointed. 

i used 4 big bananas, 400 g of them, with one cup of nutella goodness. and it took forever for the mixture to set. i had to leave it in the freezer overnight before having it properly set in the chocolate cups. and the chocolate cups... sobbssss. i should've read bakerella's entry on the chocolate cups beforehand... because i've missed a few important steps; like spraying a little non-stick cooking spray on the balloons before coating them with chocolate, and letting the melted chocolate cool down first before dipping balloons into it... 

see how the chocolate cracked when i popped the balloons! sobbbsss. that shouldn't have happened had i used the proper methods. and what more, because the balloon stretched, and the rubber got very thin when it's inflated, it's really hard to peel it off the chocolate surface since the very thin rubber was kinda glued onto the surface... i had to scrape it off the chocolate :'(

anyways. i loved how the chocolate cups looked. but they didn't taste really well... because i used the cheapest cooking compound chocolate from coles. haha. *reminder: never use cheap chocolates if they were to be used as is. 
oh, and it's really fun too you know, playing around with colourful balloons. great idea if you wanna spend some baking time together with kids!

so, this was when it hasn't yet set. if you decide to try experimenting with this recipe, do lemme know what the result is! i'm curious to know if there really is a correct ratio to the ingredient... hahha. i feel like the guys in mythbusters all of a sudden hahah.

anyhoo, i'm looking forward to the weekend. and i'm currently addicted to a korean drama series, baker king!!

have a lovely weekend peeps!

baker at heart,

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