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strawberries in autumn

strawberry (ice cream?) cheesecake :)

so last week, i finally got to go to hahndorf (yeayys!!!). we even went to beerenberg, the strawberry farm just a bit further up from hahndorf. the weather was great, and i got to see the amazing autumn in hahndorf. teehee.

and since we went strawberry picking, naturally i was very happy to then make a cake out of the farm fresh strawberries. they requested for a strawberry cheesecake.. so, strawberry cheesecake it was!

i used this recipe, the one from my friend. the one i used to make lemon tartelettes.

so these are some of the ingredients used.

it's very simple. first, crush the digestive biscuits in a large bowl. then mix it with butter and press it into a well-greased springform pan. then chuck it in the fridge while you prepare the filling. 

for the filling, just mix creamcheese, condensed milk, and lemon squeeze in a bowl. beat with electric mixer until thick and fluffy. then take the springform pan out of the fridge, and pour the filling into the pan!!

OH BUT... before pouring the filling into the pan like we naturally do with every other cheesecakes, line the strawberries along the rim of the pan (cut them into halves first!).... hehe. just to add to the strawberry effect you know hahaha. this was very much inspired by those yummy, delectable desserts from Tartelette. do check the blog out!! it's one of my most favourite dessert blogs!

assemble the cake like this!!

and as you can very well see, the filling didn't even cover half the height of the strawberries (!!). so for that very reason, i had to go on making another batch of the filling. basically, i had to double the amount of the filling for this cake. possibly because i used a quite large pan...

anyways, then dollop a few drops of strawberry jam of your choice onto the filling, and swirl it gently into the batter. this should create a nice marble effect... but it didn't really happen to me that time though.

then, leave the cake in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours until it has slightly set, and spread diluted strawberry jam onto the top of the cake. then leave it in the fridge (covered) until it has fully set (4-6 hours or overnight). take cake out and using a hot knife, slit the knife around the edge of the cake carefully to remove it from the pan. pipe dollops of whipped cream onto the cake for the finishing touch.

however... i had some problems with this cake :'(

i diluted the jam with a bit of water beforehand... and i think, that was one of the main reasons to why the cheesecake didn't turn out well. it just would not set! even after leaving it in the fridge overnight! 

see, i really think that with frozen desserts (or anything that requires setting, really), we have to really be extra careful with the consistency of the batter. the thickness, the texture, and what not. so, i probably had offset its consistency when i messed around with the jam. and what more, i used A LOT of the jam!! 

i got quite carried away at swirling the jam into pretty marble patterns... >____<''

and another thing is, i reckon it would be bestest if the amount of condensed milk used be reduced by a fair bit. the filling should be thick, not runny... booOhOHoOoHoo. i felt really down as i watched the cheesecake crumbling down when cut into... 

anyways, as it wouldn't set in the fridge, i then left it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and the cake finally set! HAHAH. well... it would be more precise if i say, it finally FROZE. hahaha.

but still, problem solved!

that's a BEFORE and AFTER pic of the cheesecake slices. heheh. it's a frozen strawberry cheesecake. i mean, LITERALLY frozen. but it's not like the cheesecake was hard or anything, it's just funny because it had to be in the freezer! hence the name strawberry (ice cream?) cheesecake !!

strawberry cheesecake

  • 125-150g butter (melted)
  • 250g digestive biscuite (i used milk arrowroot/biskut meri)
  • 500g creamcheese
  • 2x180g condensed milk
  • 1 lemon squeeze
  • strawberry jam
  • strawberries (halved)
  • 300 ml thickened cream
  • 3/4 icing sugar

how to
  • crush digestive biscuits to crumbs. mix with melted butter. press into well-greased springform pan. refrigerate while preparing filling.
  • mix all ingredients in a large bowl. 
  • using electric mixer, beat until thick and fluffy.
  • beat thickened cream with icing sugar until you get clumps of cream in the tip of the beaters.
  • fill into piping bag.

  • line strawberries along rim of pan.
  • pour filling into pan.
  • spoon dollops of jam onto filling.
  • swirl jam into marble patterns.
  • refrigerate for 1-2 hours until slightly set.
  • spread slightly diluted jam onto surface of cake.
  • cover pan with clingfilm, refrigerate for another 4-6 hours or overnight until fully set and firm.
  • using a hot knife, slit the knife around the edge of the cake carefully to remove it from the pan
  • pipe whipped cream onto cake.

i definitely am going to try to make this cake again! heeeeeeeeeee. 

by the way, these are some autumn pics of beerenberg and hahndorf. enjoy!!

autumn definitely is in my heart :')

baker at heart,


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