Tuesday, 24 July 2012

kekoh cha!

Ramadhan day 4: ondeh-ondeh/buah melaka/kekoh cha

Ramadhan is back! let's all race to do a lot of good and gain His forgiveness, mercy, and blessings insyaAllah. aameeen. let's do a lot of prayers, make a lot of du'a, and try to change ourselves for the better... may this Ramadhan be one of the bests in our lives! aameeen :)

being a Malaysian, the month of Ramadhan also brings a lot of memories of my hometown. the way we celebrate the month... and definitely the foods we eat during the breaking of fast! we usually cook a lot of dishes at home, and go to bazar ramadhan (street bazaar in the evenings during the month of Ramadhan, selling lots of different kinds of malaysian foods for breaking fast) to buy different traditional kuihs for dessert! 

so, since i'm abroad... i don't get to go to bazar ramadhan! but that's alright... since i get to learn to make all these traditional delicacies myself! thanks to the internet! heheh. 

yesterday i made ondeh-ondeh! my favourite kuih of all time. chewy little balls coated with desiccated coconut, with melted palm sugar centre. you can feel the melted sugar literally burst out of the kuih when you chew them... need i say more?? heeee :')

it's very easy to make, trust me! but i still needed to google for the recipe, since i'm not really an expert at making kuih, nor cooking, nor baking for that matter... hahaha. so i googled, and came across this recipe! it's actually from my friend's foodblog, amir said. i bet you guys know him, he's so famous! 

i love how the dough looked so cute and pretty. it's pale, dusky, minty green. adoreeeee :')

anyways. a useful tip: u might not want to stack all the ondeh-ondeh together like that. they'll end up sticking together (!!) and some of them will break when you try to pull them away from each otherrr. disasterriffic! so, i guess i would be best if we dust them with plain flour? any ideas on this?

i only realised that they were sticking together (after oohh and aahhs-ing over the preety colour) when i was about to put them into the boiling water... and guess what, with the heat and all... the sugar inside actually melted (!!!) and the ondeh-ondeh remained stuck onto the bowl, and would not come out!

so i ended up doing this (after inspecting for a 'microwavable' sign at the bottom of the bowl mind you)

i chucked the whole bowl into the pot of boiling water! HAHA. lucky the ondeh-ondeh still floated to the surface in the end. but i did try to get them off the bowl after waiting for them to cook for a bit, and managed to pull the bowl out before it gets boiled for too long in the pot. i was afraid the bowl might crack.

kekoh cha? why kekoh cha you ask? hehe. that's what grannies in Kelantan call this kuih. kekoh cha. probably because when you bite (kekoh) the thing, it explodes! (cha!) ^___^ cute isn't it!

kekoh cha/ondeh-ondeh/buah melaka (recipe from dapurmalaysia)

  • 550g glutinous rice flour
  • 4 tbsp plain flour
  • water
  • 1 tsp green pandan flavouring
  • palm sugar (cut into small pieces)
  • desiccated coconut
how to:
  • mix the two flours together. add water and pandan flavouring into mixture. (water needs to be added just until the mixture turns into a pliable dough. kinda like a playdough texture)
  • pinch small amount of dough and roll on your palm, forming a small ball. 
  • flatten the dough using your finger, forming a flat little circle, and put pieces of palm sugar onto dough.
  • cover the palm sugar (join ends of dough together), and roll again till it forms a little ball. now, be careful not to out too many sugar into the dough as this might tear the ball if the dough's too thin and the sugar's too much. too little sugar on the other hand, is not good too. tricky bit!
  • repeat till dough is finished, remember to dust the little balls with plain flour so they don't stick together.
  • heat water in a pot on the stove, until it boils. 
  • cook the kuih in the boiling water, until they float on the surface. (means they're cooked)
  • take them out of water (shake them for a bit to let them dry). i used a sieve for this... and it was great fun. haha. feels like i'm at a funfair playing catch-goldfish. 
  • roll them in desiccated coconut.
  • serve!

for better results, instead of using plain water, use original pandan juice. and by the way, i didn't actually follow this recipe to the T, i just needed a rough estimate of the ingredients. either way, this kuih is super easy to make, and definitely an all time favourite of Malaysians :)

actually this was not the first kuih i made for Ramadhan this year. last week i made tepung pelita... another one of my absolute favourite kuih! tepung pelita comes in single box-like consoles made out of banana leaves. but since banana leaves are expensive here, and of course i'm too lazy to make the consoles... so i made the kuih in a large casserole... well, tepung pelita is a soft, almost jelly-like kuih. the bottom layer is smooth, creamy green pandan jelly, topped with rich, dense, and creamy coconut milk layer... just to make things even better, these are soaked in a layer of sugar syrup, right at the bottom of the console. IT'S TOO GOOD!

but i'm not uploading the picture since i didn't make enough of the coconut milk layer, and i accidentally put too much of the syrup into the casserole. the kuih turned out a bit ugly, though it tasted just as good. heeeehe.

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selamat menyambut Ramadhan al mubarak, semoga Ramadhan kali ini menjadi antara yang terbaik dalam hidup kita. jom tingkatkan amal! insyaAllah, aameeen :)

baker at heart,


Dapur Malaysia said...

wah terharu bila chikabaker tengok resepi kat dapurmalaysia. :-)

chikabaker said...

resepi dapurmalaysia semua best2! :P

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