Tuesday, 4 September 2012

cupcake liner giveaway

hurry and grab the chance to win gorgeous cupcake liners from chikabaker!

hi everyone! how's raya? i envy everyone who get the chance to go back and celebrate raya with their families back in their lovely hometowns! as for me, nope, no holiday for me, so i'm just here in adelaide celebrating eid with my friends. but all is good you know. we've got lots of raya open houses here, cooked raya dishes together, made some raya cookies, and had great fun too!

anyways, i'm launching another giveaway! heheh. because everyone was too shy to post up pictures of yummy cupcakes in the previous giveaway i did, i'm going to make the contest much simpler now. haha. still need to give these gorgeous cupcake liners away to some lucky winners okayh!!

so all you have to do is these 2 steps, and stand a chance to win a set of lovely lovely cupcake liners!

1- LIKE chikabaker facebook page! click this LINK.
2- post a comment below this entry, answering this question --> DESCRIBE YOUR  KIND OF PERFECT CUPCAKE.  include your email address when you comment okay :)

and that's it!! three lucky winners are each going to win one of these three sets of cupcake liners!! contest ends on the 21st of september 2012. open to all Malaysian residents! don't forget to include your email address when you leave your comment okayh so that i can contact you IF you were the lucky winner! :)

Robert Gordon Australia fairy princess cupcake kit. with cupcake toppers too!! 
worth RM40
(p/s: purple,green,pink,yellow mini cupcake liners are not included)

Robert Gordon Australia Paper Baking Cups with scalloped edges! pack of 50
worth RM20

Robert Gordon Australia Paper Baking Cups with scalloped edges! pack of 50
worth RM20

so what are you waiting for!! hurry up! grab the chance! and spread the good news to your fellow friends!! good luck!

p/s: haven't been updating my baking for a while. have been busy with uni placement and stuffs. sorry!

baker at heart,


n a d i a h said...

my kind of perfect cupcake would be something rich and velvety topped with a contrasting taste of lemon cream cheese (familiar gila rasa ini haha).

sebenarnya chenta saya saja nak kacau awak :">

(tapi saya rasa pack yang ketiga itu sangat comel)


okay larik sekarang.

taa said...

My kind of perfect cupcakes is definitely when I share them with my beloved best friend especially the one that I gave as a gift for her. The moment I saw she put on a very bright beautiful big smile and laugh and wonder how the wonderful tiny little cakes and the very detail decorations on it were made. It's really make my day when she had the first bite and I can see her eyes glowing... I'm pretty sure she love it... That's the perfect cupcakes moment for me.. Heeee =)

Thanks Chika =D

Ziera (marziramahdzir@gmail.com)

❀ JLaa KiMStER ❀ said...

my kind of perfect cupcake is when those whom i loved most keep on smiling and asking for mooree and moooreee and mooooreeeee


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