Tuesday, 13 November 2012

a parcel today

filled with lovely shabby goodness 

okay... i'm super excited right now!! heeee. i've just got another parcel today (yes. i shop online a lot. offline too, as a matter of fact). and it's the little cupcake stands i've been waiting for.

see how adorable they are?? i'm on the brink of tears now! sorry for all the exclamation marks. i'm just too excited.

i literally shrieked like a fangirl at a concert, looking at these dainty little flowers... again... i'm on the brink of tears...

this one is the largest one. all of them are just very small, as the name suggests. cupcake stands. hehe. they hold individual cupcakes. but the tallest one has a slightly wider plate.

and this one is the smallest one. the shortest. the youngest. the mini-est. the cute-est! aaawhhh :')

i bought them on ebay, from THIS SHOP. they ship worldwide and the owner Lisa is super kind to have been willing to customise these stands with the flower print thingy - the white cupcake stands are not advertised with the flowers on them, i requested for the flowers and Lisa was happy to do it for me. heee :)

i'm happy! can't wait to actually bake some lovely, dainty cupcakes and shoot them on these little sweethearts :')

baker at heart,


n a d i a h said...

i remember you being quite the impulsive buyer you are hahaha.

chikabaker said...

KANNN!! i really am sobss. but anyways. hahah.

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