Sunday, 10 March 2013

banoffee pie

banana + toffee = banoffee = YUMMILICIOUS.

disclaimer: this is a long overdue post. i made this for the farewell party in adelaide during my last few weeks there. tears* because this pie is just THAT good, i've just had to share it here. tears*

i've known this dessert for already quite a while. but never got myself to eating it, nor taste it when i was offered some. i thought caramel + banana would be yucky, since i'm not that big a fan of banana-ish desserts. although everyone around me was telling me how heavenly good this thing really tastes.

i was like, whatevah dude.


until my dear friend rosnah made some, and i finally decided to just give the dessert a go. then... that was it. that was the moment i finally realised what i've been missing out on.

it was simply GOOD maaann. i'm telling you, it's one of the BESTEST desserts i've ever tasted in my whole entire existence.

okay. sorry. i just feel so very excited. teehee. and ugh how i missss banoffee pieeee!! never got to make any YET since i'm back in malaysia... DOUBLE CREAMS SOO EXPENSIVE HERE MAAA!

i know that there might be a few versions of this fabulous pie, but i'm guessing that this one has got to be the simplest, comfort-food style version of the pie. it requires no tart/pie shells. you just have to layer the four fabulous layers of the pie on top of each other, et voila! the pie is ready! 

and you only need a few simple ingredients, like some bananas, and condensed milk (the ones in cans)!

although you will also be needing the quite expensive double cream...though. but anyhoo, in making this pie, i've learnt a new trick. it's the trick of making easy, foolproof toffee. hehe.

to make your own toffee (if you decide not to just get the ready-made ones right off the shelf), simply boil cans of condensed milk, making sure that the cans are FULLY SUBMERGED IN WATER or else you'll have a bad time cleaning your ceiling (got the helpful tip from Nigella's website !!). boil the cans for about 2-2.5 hours. let them cool, and then they're ready for use!

so basically this is how you layer the pie. the bottom would be the graham crust layer (not in picture). then the toffee. followed by the bananas, and last but never least, a generous amount of double cream top the layers off. and if you happen to have extra bars of chocolates at home, you might wanna grate some onto this heavenly dessert, or melt the chocolate and drizzle it all over this creamy, gooey, goodness. trust me. you'll not regret it. heheh.

i've got this recipe from Nigella's website, but did just a few slight changes to it. 

  • 400g digestive biscuit (sekutmeri/milk arrowroot/graham crackers)
  • 200g butter
  • 2 cans of condensed milk
  • 500ml double cream
  • 2 large bananas (ripe)
  • 1 chocolate (for grating)

how to:
  • crush digestive biscuit and add in melted butter. spread on bottom of dish/plate and chill. 
  • boil the cans of condensed milk for 2-2.5 hours. MAKE SURE THAT THE CANS ARE FULLY SUBMERGED UNDERWATER AT ALL TIMES unless you want to do the extra work of cleaning your toffee-smeared ceiling.
  • when cool, spread the toffee over the biscuit base.
  • slice up the bananas on top of toffee.
  • pour double cream and spread over bananas.
  • grate some chocolate to top it off. in my case, i just used some chocolate chips i had in my stash.

and that's it! can you believe it?? that's basically it! so easy, so simple, yet so delicious! and though quite expensive (the double cream!!), is totally worth every cent!

i miss banoffee pie!!!!

baker at heart,


atie @ ejay said...

nak try buat lah :)

chikabaker said...

try2!! sedaapp and simple sangat!

> said...

chika, maksudnya untuk buat toffee sendiri susu pekat tue masak dulu before buka ker?kemuadia, main masuk2 dalam bekas je ker?xpayah bake?

tinaexora said...

chika....tumpang tanya...double cream tu camne?jenama cemana yer?yg fresh cream vivo manis ke whipping cream Anchor yg tawar yg dipanggil double cream?maaf saya ta tau..~

chikabaker said...

Soriii sy lmbt rplyyy. Xprsn ada msg. Sori!!
Yeppp toffee tu buat sendiri guna susu pekat. Susu pekat tu masak slu then baru bukak tin nya. N pastu tuang je dlm bekas, xyah bake2. Cpt sng n simple!

chikabaker said...

Eh takpe2, tanya je, kita sama2 belajar :)
Double cream tu selalunya mmg dipanggil double cream. Kalau xsure btol ke tak, cuba check fat content dia. Selalunya around 48 percent cmtu. Jenama pape pon xpe ehehe. Hope this helps!

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