Friday, 8 March 2013

kek batik

or kek marie?

HELLO WORLD! okay, i haven't been updating my blog for quite a while now. i've been really really busy with wedding stuffs: newsflash - i'm married! :)

anyhoo. now that i've got nothing to do, i'm starting to really miss baking. but since we haven't yet got an oven, i have to make do with no-bake desserts. and also, since i'm still in shock with the severe price change (aud to rm) on frozen dairy goodness such as cheese, fresh cream, and butter, i finally resort to making the simplest, cheapest (i guess?), yet one of the most scrumptious of all cakes.

yep. you guessed it right (the title helped you guess didn't it?? haha).

i used my friend aween's recipe for this kek batik. trust me, this is one of the bestest kek batik i've ever tasted. it tastes soo good, and only requires FOUR ingredients. a perfect comfort food no?

million thanks to aween for this awesome recipe!! ^^

i don't know if many people are familiar with it's other name, kek marie? from what i've heard, not many people call it kek marie. the more familiar name is kek batik. well, i'm not sure why it's called kek 'batik'. i guess it's due to its (batik like? yeke?) pattern? as for kek 'marie', obviously it's because we use biskut marie to make the thing. 

if you are somehow not from malaysia or are not familiar with biskut marie, well, here in malaysia we call the milk arrowroot biscuits, biskut marie. or as the kelantanese say it, sekutmeri. or sekukmeri rather? :P


  • 200g butter
  • 1 cup milo + 1/2 cup hot water (mixed together)
  • 1 cup condensed milk
  • 300g biskut marie (milk arrowroot biscuits)
how to:
  • in a container, break the biscuits into halves.
  • melt butter in a pot over low-medium heat.
  • pour in milo and stir the mixture.
  • pour in condensed milk and mix well.
  • wait until batter gets to a boil (bubbly, foamy, and slightly thickened), then add in the biscuits into the batter. gently stir until the batter gets thicker (but not until it's too dry or else it will be a bit curdled).
  • spoon into prepared container/pan/casserole dish. cover, and refrigerate for about 2 hours.

it's up to you if you want to use the original biskut marie or the coffee flavoured ones. but just keep in mind that if you do use the coffee ones, the cake won't look as good (no corak batik), although it tastes just as good if not better. as for me, i'd stick to the original one, since i never am a coffee person anyways haha.

the top never looks pretty! darnnn. but it's sooo irresistible! be sure to try this recipe! seriously. no, SERIOUSLY. you have to give this a try. 

baker at heart,


sabrina said...

Hye kak chika!! I don't know if u remember me but I'm Ridhuan(Mad)'s sister. We met back when I visited him in adelaide. I was looking for a kek batik recipe and stumbled upon your blog. What a small world :') hope your doing well! Btw I'm currently in the US now so obviously there's no biskut marie. can I sub it with Graham crackers? It's almost the same kan? Or is there any other recommendations that u have to sub it with?

Thanks <3

Adilah said...

Hello Chikabaker,

Thanks so much for posting this recipe on your blog. I haven't had this dessert in awhile after moving to the US about ten years ago!

Sabrina, I was able to find these Marie biscuits at Ralphs. Instead of Marie biscuits, they are called Marias Gamesa (it is an orange colored box with Spanish descriptions on the packaging). It contains 4 packets of 4.9oz of Marie biscuits in it. Hope this helps!

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