Wednesday, 4 June 2014

the curious case of the melting fondants

of cupcakes and flowers

this is a very long overdue post. since i was so busy with work, baking came to a halt and the same went for blogging too. but now that maternity leave has started (yeays!), i can get back to baking and blogging soon!

well, i'm not sure what it will be like when baby finally arrives though. heheh. first timer me. i'm guessing there won't be much baking/blogging time either.

anyways, i just wanted to share with you guys about this curious case of the melting rolled fondants. i'm not so sure why, but the rolled fondant i used for these cupcakes somehow melted (!!) on top of the icing. after googling for troubleshooting QnA's, i came to a few conclusions:

  • can't have rolled fondants on cream cheese
  • the rolled fondant i used was of low quality?

see how the fondant melted and trickled down the petals

some took longer to melt. but eventually did.

so sad to see this cutie bow melt

the cupcakes turned out great but the melting fondants messed them all up. sighs. i'm guessing it's the fondant itself. i think it's of low quality. i bought a brand-less, store-packed rolled fondant, much cheaper than the more branded ones. but lesson learnt now. i guess there're no shortcuts to getting a good rolled fondant - well, not in a country with hot-humid weather all year round no.

and it could have been because of the cream cheese too i guess. the pearls de-coloured - the colouring melted away and stained the frosting. i really don't know why! could have been because of the cream cheese too like some people claimed in baking and cake decorating forums i went through.

despite all that, the cupcakes were great heheh. tasted really good despite the comot outlook. teehee.

anyhow. since the incident, i opted for better quality ready made rolled fondants and fell absolutely in love with this

you can find this in bake shops all over malaysia. it's really really good, and yes, the fondant does not melt. 

i used this fondant to make this batch of cupcakes, and one small cake for a friend's engagement party.

they turned out great! happy me :)

baker at heart,


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