this blog is about a girl and her dessert adventures. some may be sweet, and some may be bitter. but that's just how life is, nope?

chikabaker does cater for events, or take orders occasionally. hehe. feel free to contact chikabaker if you are interested ya!


  • sponsored goodie bags for UMNO club SA Amazing Race Running Man 2012
  • kuih raya (bahulu) sale for Eid 2011
  • sponsored goodie bags for UMNO club SA Amazing Race 2011
  • catered for Islamic Students Society of the University of Adelaide (ISSUA) Eid Celebration 2011
  • catered for Malaysian Students Council of Australia SA Chapter (MASCA SA) Grand Iftar 2011
  • chikabaker cupcake cups giveaway 2011
  • catered for Bank Negara Interview 2010
  • chikabaker cookie giveaway in adelaide 2010
  • kuih raya (chocolate truffles) sale for Eid 2009
  • muffin sale in Adelaide 2009
  • sponsor or take orders for birthday/celebration cakes/desserts around Adelaide 2009-2012

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yes, this is a new chikabaker blog... because... because... i... err... i forgot the password to my google account for THIS blog. feel free to cekidaut! but i can't have admin access to that blog anymore because i don't have the password. since i need to post many many updates while i'm still on summer holiday, so... so i just made another google account, and made a new blog. so if you ever bump into this 'three-entries-only-blog', stay calm, and don't panic. that still is chikabaker. haha. i knoowww it's weirdddd, but grgrghrghrg i've learnt my lesson. i'll never forget those darn passwords ever again!!

baker at heart,

friday, 30 dec 2011
1:56 AM
with love by my side :)

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